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U Can’t Touch This
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Yes, it’s true. The MCness himself is keeping it real with a blog. Hammer is hurtin’ ’em with stories, audio clips and pix of eating nice fat breakfasts with his son. It’s the story behind the Hammer, straight from the man who had the best pants in all of 80’s rap. Seems as Hammer got some geek cred. He’s made the rounds out here at Google and YouTube, posts pix from a Sidekick, links to Wikipedia entries, has a Feedburner feed and a gmail address. He’s fairly prolific too, dropping lots of content each day and the comments are adding up.


Fish Boy Dreams

Fish Boy Dreams
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The SRL mayhem in Chinatown LA was a great little show, smaller than last year but just as scary, freaky and fun to work on as ever. The show titled “The Fish Boy’s Dream” ended in a nightmare for poor little Fish Boy as he was poked from a puking alligator above, tossed around like a floppy halibut by the shaker and finally seared from a fiery blast from the Boeing jet engine. Fish Boy lived a short humble life, but his spirit lives on in that stinky, fish water coated parking lot in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Jack Nicholson would be proud.

I ran this sneaky soldier with Nina during the show, which performed admirably within it’s constraints. With the right pulsing movements on the remote control, Sneaky would inch forward slowly and zip backwards more quickly. Turning was out of the question, though with several tons of other fast moving machines dancing around, there really wasn’t anywhere to turn to. Sneaky survived the ordeal, though decapitated. He can be seen or bought along with his head and a couple of his brothers in the Fringe Exhibitions gallery until Feb 25th.

Here’s pix I took, mostly during setup. More links from the official SRL page, BoingBoing and Laughing Squid.

Wal-Mart Dance Party Rocking Your Town

Wal-Mart Dance Party
Coming to a big box retailer near you, it’s the Wal-Mart Dance Party, flash mob style. Kind of.

We weren’t terribly organized on our first attempt. One of our friends brought an ipod w/ an iRok transmitter and a forward guard had tuned all the boom boxes to the same transmitter station. In the mean time, there was a gang of at least 25 punks, sceneagers and freaks hanging around the electronics section trying to figure out how to not look suspicious. Once all the boom boxes got tuned and we got “Safety Dance” going. they just came and shut off the power to the entire section.

Lesson 1: Don’t malinger beforehand unless you wear white trash disguises. There’s something not-so-terribly-believable about a large gathering of disheveled sceneagers and anarchists in black with mohawks, nose rings and tats on a group shopping trip in the Wal-Mart music section.

We had better luck at Target on our second stop. Amazingly, they didn’t have a section where you could listen to the boom boxes, so everyone pretty much just scattered around the electronics section, making the employees nervous. Finally, Big Balls just plugged a boom box in and wired the speakers. Unfortunately, the kid with the iPod didn’t make it, so we just put a CD in and turned it up. The party lasted longer at Target — about 2 minutes — before a lackey came and shut it down.

Good times. Be sure you check out the videos.

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BLF: To Serve Man

BLF: To Serve Man
Reason #74 why San Francisco rules. On the 50th anniversary of the existence of McDonald’s, the Billboard Liberation Front unwrapped a little birthday present across the street from a franchise in the Haight. A billboard graphic was revealed of a pudgy Ronald and slovenly alien created by Ron English whose work was featured in the brilliant movie Super Size Me. Soon after the unveiling of the billboard and accompanying mechanized Ronald McDonald feeding a Big Mac into a grotesque figure, a couple dozen clowns dressed as Ronald as well as a few Hamburglers showed up to pay their respects to the piece. The phrase To Serve Man comes from a disturbing Twilight Zone episode. You just don’t see this kinda shit in Tulsa, and that’s a shame cause Tulsa really needs it. Laughing Squid and SFist has a complete rundown of the craziness.

The Imperial Nature of Western Civility

The Imperial Nature of Western Civility
I admit it. I’ve been slacking lately, letting myself go. I only gargle after every OTHER meal and well, you don’t wanna know what happens when I can’t find the latrine. Lucky for me, I can now print out this full size poster to remind myself how to honor my individual cleanliness. As seen on the bathroom wall of the Rickshaw Stop during a recent League of Pissed Off Voters fundraiser party.


You should know that Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream and Croatian Sljivovica (old plum brandy) go really well together.

I added my Tribe tribes to the side panel of this blog. Now you can know all about my perverted communities. Ladytron is making me happy right now.

Gone Bad = Good Times

OMFG, this film rules! I don’t know how I came across it, but I found the Washington Interns Gone Bad website and ordered the DVD before Christmas. It came today and I just finished watching it. Without giving away too much I’ll just say it’s genius on several levels and subtly touches on issues that people should be paying attention to such as Repubs and Dems stumbling to be the biggest corporate whore, the corporate media, and even globalization. Also includes a crossdressing congressman who surfs foot fetish porn, deadly interns, pieing, Indymedia and even the Reverend Billy has a cameo. Well worth the $16 (includes shipping).

Feline Rewind

You are looking at Little Nicky, a cloned kitten. Yes, this cute little bugger has the same genetic makeup of another cute little bugger that looks the same but is long gone. For a mere $50,000, Genetic Savings & Clone (for serious), will xerox your little furball into a new life. GS&C is already working on perfecting dogs, which is a bit more of a challenge apparently. Where there is a market, there is science! Or should that be the other way around?

PayPal Not Making Me Merry

PayPal is sucking my left one right now. I’ve been back and forth between them and my credit card company trying to dispute a stupid $15 “cash advance” fee for a payment I made to my roommate. Apparently, if you send money and choose “quasi-cash”, PayPal tags it as a cash advance and most credit cards hit you up for a fee for that. Lame on many fronts, but primarily because NO CASH EVER TRADED HANDS. PayPal blames the credit card companies, my credit card company blames PayPal. Who winds up paying? Me in money and time holding on the fucking phone forever. So don’t ever choose quasi-cash, you’ll get dinged and you won’t even know it unless you take a close look at your statement. I also had my credit card company turn off my ability to do cash advances. If I wanted to use my credit card as an ATM card, I would have just used my ATM card.