Eddie.com Endorses VoteforEddie.com for Congress

We don’t normally endorse candidates here at Eddie.com, but it’s time to make an exception. There’s this guy in Florida, his name used to be Eddie Gonzalez, until last January when he had it legally changed to VoteforEddie.com. Yes, that’s right, when voters in the 25th US Congressional District in Florida go into the voting booth on November 6th, they will see VoteforEddie.com listed on the ballot. As an Eddie.com that’s been on the Internets since 1996, we know our people.

VoteforEddie’s going up against five-term Republican U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Miami who ran unopposed in the last election and has raised over $600,000 in this election. VoteforEddie has raised about $2,400. VoteforEddie is running as an independent, mainly on the platform of ending American’s oil dependency and lower taxes. What’s not to like about that? After seeing his slick campaign video, we knew we had to throw our hat in the VoteforEddie.com ring.

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Meet Robohamster

I got this robotic hamster for Christmas. I had a real hamster when I was a kid, but now I prefer simulated pets. No cages to clean, less poop and only needs 1 AAA battery!


Geneva 4 Drive-In Urban Scrabble

While recently looking for a nice location for an afternoon hike with a friend, we stumbled across the remains of the Geneva 4 Drive-In movie theater in Daly City. What first caught my eye was three old lightbox signs atop polls with changeable marquee letters.

Geneva Drive-In

Cinema Treasures tells us that the Geneva was a 4 screen multiplex that opened in 1950 on an abandoned dog racing track. It had west facing screens positioned at the bottom of a gentle sloping grade with a mesmerizing view of the infamous aptly named Cow Palace. “Great place for taking dates in the 50’s and 60’s.” Apparently Hunter S. Thompson was a frequent visitor and wrote about his experiences there. One can only imagine the freaky shit that must have gone on during its 50-year history.

Geneva Drive-In

This required further investigation. We wandered around the grounds and soon discovered a cache of leftover marquee letters strewn about.

Geneva Drive-In

With darkness coming on fast, we quickly went about to use our collective Scrabble skills to come up with this solid 17 point word score.

Geneva Drive-In

I get the feeling this place doesn’t get a lot of visitors, as the marquees hadn’t been changed in over a year as evidenced by photos on the SF Gate’s The Poop blog.

Think you can do better than QUEEF? Post links to pix and prove it.


Google Voice transcribes the FedEx guy

I have my front door callbox forward to a Google Voice virtual phone number. It creates transcripts of voicemail messages people leave. You might never guess this is from the FedEx guy.

hi good morning this is robin right now i’m part of the for calling me matt andy for darryl i gave him a call there it looks like it tomorrow thank you bye bye bye baby bye

Want to give it a try? Just click below, punch in your number and Google Voice will call you and make a connection to my voicemail inbox after 5 rings. Go ahead, give it a shot. I’ll post the most ridiculous translations.

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Burning Man on the bay

This is freaking pimp. The White Holly, a boat normally used for research did a bit of Burning Man style research on the high bay waters off Sausalito this past weekend. Fire art, blinky lights, a pulse jet, Dan Das Mann sculptures, fireworks, a loud ass Victory Siren and an upside down Telsa coil! From Megavolt2‘s description of the video below.

On Saturday December 13, 2008 the former navy ship White Holly, now a privately operated scientific research vessel run by Captain Vince Backen, was entered into The Sausalito Yacht Club “Parade of Lights” held in Sausalito, California in the San Francisco Bay. Boat parades will never be the same… the event was organized by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito in collaboration with Jack Schroll and Black Rock FX (El Diablo – jet engine fire effect, Chrysler air raid siren, smoke generator and methanol mines,) John Behrens and Omega Recoil, (upside down Tesla Coil,) Epiphany by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito and Pyrokinetics (Danya Parkinson and Jo Bard,) Headless Point Studio, American Steel Studios, Flaming Lotus Girls (Mini Mega Junior – fire poofer,) Camron “Teiwaz” Assadi and The Crucible of Oakland California (flame cannons on the upper poop- deck,) Bonefire Bob and over 150 others! All of this so they could have a good time for approximately two minutes…

Burning Man long ago escaped the playa, so it’s no surprise to see some of the best stuff make it out the serene waters of the bay. I hope I don’t need to buy tickets next year.

You need to watch the above video in HD. Then check out this other great video of the action. Geeked.info has some more info and links to other videos and photos.

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Santarchy in San Francisco

The annual rite of passage known as Santacon or Santarchy took place in cities all around the world yesterday. San Francisco, being the epicenter of freakdom and home of too many Santa suits, represented quite well. I suited up and joined the red massive on the ‘Klassic’ route which started in the tourist area of Fisherman’s Wharf. Here’s the photos I took.

Santacon SF 2008

Santacon SF 2008

Santacon SF 2008

Update: I finally got this video edited. Check it!

Santacon 2008 in Santarchy Francisco from ekai on Vimeo.