Desert Bound

Pray to the dogs of hot

I’m off to frolic in the desert and put first life on the back burner, so to speak. I’m bringing video gear so I may even try to capture a sliver of the madness. In the meantime, check out the daily video updates over at Current TV.

John Kricfalusi is a twisted genius

John Kricfalusi is a twisted genius
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Yes he is and I got to witness it live tonight and then meet him. I’ve been a fan since first discovering Ren & Stimpy however many years ago. Tonight John K came to the Castro Theater in SF to present a bunch of rarely seen and some banned cartoons that the networks never let him air. The Adult Party episode of Ren & Stimpy was pure brain breaking genius from start to finish. It’s also on the recently released Lost Episodes DVD. Just two words: touch tip.

3 more shows tomorrow/Saturday. An afternoon kid-friendly show at the Castro, an adult one in the evening and a gig at the Cartoon Art Museum where John might draw you some twisted knowledge. Stay up to date with Kricfalusi’s world on abundantly updated blog.

Testicle Festival

Testy Festy Apparently testy festies are all the rage across the heartland.

“A fresh calf testicle tastes like lobster. You never had anything like it. Bull nuts taste like shoe leather. You can have ’em.”

–Bob Zeier, 75 year old cattle rancher


Lunch Inside the 12 Galaxies

I came cross this great little documentary of San Francisco’s favorite notable icon, Frank Chu. Frank was born in 1960, his father is 98 and is still alive, his mom was murdered by the CIA and 12 Galaxies or maybe there was some natural causes. He’s been in and out of jail, the Oakland cops almost murdered him a few times. He starts his routine at 8am downtown everyday and likes to break for lunch at Jack in the Box.


Ze Frank is Vloggy Goodness

The vlogosphere keeps getting better, or I’m just discovering undiscoverd gems like Ze Frank’s the show. Ze’s show has been on my radar for a couple of weeks and now it’s down to daily must see viewing. Seriously, give up 2 minutes of your life and take in the fabulously fucked up essence that is Ze Frank. Describing him just won’t do it justice, so peek it yourself. He does everything you wish you could so you don’t have to, especially thinking.

the show with zefrank

Self-Facilitating Media Node

Nathan Barley
Or how I got the blog drop on Scott Beale. Marc turned me onto Nathan Barley yesterday, a brilliant British commentary/parody of the commodity cool culture of the dot-com era, UK style. Genius writing, I can see why it only lasted a season in a country that drops everything for Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire. It would have lasted even less here. Barley is a self-described self-facilitating media node who wears dual bluetooth headsets while directing his growing self-referential media empire under the sparkle of the discoball and celebrity spotlight.

This BBC article from 2001, reporting on the British dot-com backlash (yes, it’s total twilight zone!), describes the early Barley:

“Nathan Barley rides a tiny metal scooter along the pavement in the direction of an overpriced ‘gastro-pub’ in order to attend a meeting with a group of worthless toffee-nosed sh**s intent on setting up an internet radio station with an elaborate Shockwave interface, eternally doomed to be of interest to absolutely no-one other than themselves.”

It might hit home a little, which is partially why it’s funny as fuck and worth a snort in the BitTorrent-o-sphere. You can find the first season, 6 episodes, which only aired in the UK last year. While waiting for the download to finish, follow Barley’s Wikipedia roots. The subversion runs deep.