PayPal Not Making Me Merry

PayPal is sucking my left one right now. I’ve been back and forth between them and my credit card company trying to dispute a stupid $15 “cash advance” fee for a payment I made to my roommate. Apparently, if you send money and choose “quasi-cash”, PayPal tags it as a cash advance and most credit cards hit you up for a fee for that. Lame on many fronts, but primarily because NO CASH EVER TRADED HANDS. PayPal blames the credit card companies, my credit card company blames PayPal. Who winds up paying? Me in money and time holding on the fucking phone forever. So don’t ever choose quasi-cash, you’ll get dinged and you won’t even know it unless you take a close look at your statement. I also had my credit card company turn off my ability to do cash advances. If I wanted to use my credit card as an ATM card, I would have just used my ATM card.


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