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In Milwaukee doing Spike’s work

I’m in Milwaukee for a couple days on Nokia’s dime attending Summerfest. They sent me out here to help guide people attending the festival to participate in the Spike Lee film project. Since the project theme is HUMANITY as it revolves around music, it makes sense to go where people are taking in the tunes. Nokia has a booth here and I think they’re going to have something set up where you can just walk up and contribute a moment, a video clip or photo to the project. I’ll also be roaming the grounds in search of stuff to capture on a Nokia 5310 they’re bribing me with.

Today is the last day for submitting content for Act II “Life”, so be sure to get some stuff up there and maybe Spike will be so impressed he’ll drop it into the film and fly your ass out to the premiere. Wouldn’t that be swell? I think so.

Dinner at Freshtopia HQ

I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with my esteemed pals Oscar, Tanja and Barb who run the excellent food and sustainability vlog Freshtopia, along with videoblogging pals Ryanne & Jay. Tanja made a mean celery root soup that complimented Ryanne & Jay’s spiced squash soup made from organic veggies they picked from their garden. I had the easy job of bringing the organic chardonnay, so I could do my bad Gary Vaynerchuk impression. Good times!

Sexiest New Vlog

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Pure. Fucking. Brilliance. Ernesto owns you.

Building Bridges

Jet Setters meet GETVers

The past couple of weeks has been quite the blast. After returning from Burning Man, my new videographer friend from Seattle, Ali and I schemed on some video together. The Fighting Kite GETV episode is the result of such schemeing. Ali taught me plenty of new Final Cut power moves for my arsenal. The pen tool! Who knew? You probably did.

This past week I was down in LA with Irina to capture a bunch of interview material for a bunch of upcoming episodes. Thanks to Micki who got us access to the Revver Hollywood style launch party for the new 1.0 version of their service. Revver is a video hosting site much like blip, veoh or ourmedia with the added benefit of revenue sharing for content creators. They tag on a single still frame ad to the end of your video and split revenues with you 50/50 for all clicks. Popular vlogs like Ze Frank and Ask a Ninja use Revver and do pretty well for themselves from what I hear. is planning on offering something very similar soon, though they’re not quite there yet. The idea of giving video content producers a way to make money, even small amounts of money, is a huge incentive for lots of independent creative types.
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Ze Frank is Vloggy Goodness

The vlogosphere keeps getting better, or I’m just discovering undiscoverd gems like Ze Frank’s the show. Ze’s show has been on my radar for a couple of weeks and now it’s down to daily must see viewing. Seriously, give up 2 minutes of your life and take in the fabulously fucked up essence that is Ze Frank. Describing him just won’t do it justice, so peek it yourself. He does everything you wish you could so you don’t have to, especially thinking.

the show with zefrank

What is the Square Root of Your Last Wikipedia Search?

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I did a GETV episode with Vancouver’s favorite geek yoga instructor at the Netsquared conference last week. I’m experimenting with’s Flash embed. Like YouTube but without the watermark and better licensing terms.

Videoblogging Week: Day 7 (or so)

Bring Your Own Big Wheel
Day 7: Ok It’s been a week or so since Videoblogging Week ended, but since I missed doing a last video, I’m tossing this into the mix as it. This is the BYOBW (Bring Your Own Big Wheel) race on Easter Sunday down Lombard Street in San Francisco. Yeah, that really twisty one. I also pushed this out as a GETV episode, letting the streams cross.

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Videoblogging Week: Day 6

Day 6

Day 6: I stopped by the Alternative Press Expo, the annual gathering of independent comic and zine makers. Music borrowed from Plaid – Squance.


Videoblogging Week: Day 5

Day 5
For day 5 of Videoblogging Week I’m digging up some never before seen footage I shot on December 13th last year. The scene is outside San Quentin State Prison the night of the execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams. His execution was especially controversial as Williams had renounced gang life and had become an effective anti-gang activist. Thousands of anti-death penalty activists turned out in hopes of a last minute commutation of Williams’ sentence.


Videoblogging Week: Day 4

Day 4
Day 4. I stopped into Coffee to the People in the Haight, a rad little place with free wifi, lots of power, board games, books on overthrowing the government and great coffee. I ran into MJ and we shoot the shit about stuff and shit.


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