In Milwaukee doing Spike’s work

I’m in Milwaukee for a couple days on Nokia’s dime attending Summerfest. They sent me out here to help guide people attending the festival to participate in the Spike Lee film project. Since the project theme is HUMANITY as it revolves around music, it makes sense to go where people are taking in the tunes. Nokia has a booth here and I think they’re going to have something set up where you can just walk up and contribute a moment, a video clip or photo to the project. I’ll also be roaming the grounds in search of stuff to capture on a Nokia 5310 they’re bribing me with.

Today is the last day for submitting content for Act II “Life”, so be sure to get some stuff up there and maybe Spike will be so impressed he’ll drop it into the film and fly your ass out to the premiere. Wouldn’t that be swell? I think so.

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