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Videoblogging Week: Day 7 (or so)

Bring Your Own Big Wheel
Day 7: Ok It’s been a week or so since Videoblogging Week ended, but since I missed doing a last video, I’m tossing this into the mix as it. This is the BYOBW (Bring Your Own Big Wheel) race on Easter Sunday down Lombard Street in San Francisco. Yeah, that really twisty one. I also pushed this out as a GETV episode, letting the streams cross.

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Videoblogging Week: Day 6

Day 6

Day 6: I stopped by the Alternative Press Expo, the annual gathering of independent comic and zine makers. Music borrowed from Plaid – Squance.


Videoblogging Week: Day 5

Day 5
For day 5 of Videoblogging Week I’m digging up some never before seen footage I shot on December 13th last year. The scene is outside San Quentin State Prison the night of the execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams. His execution was especially controversial as Williams had renounced gang life and had become an effective anti-gang activist. Thousands of anti-death penalty activists turned out in hopes of a last minute commutation of Williams’ sentence.


Videoblogging Week: Day 4

Day 4
Day 4. I stopped into Coffee to the People in the Haight, a rad little place with free wifi, lots of power, board games, books on overthrowing the government and great coffee. I ran into MJ and we shoot the shit about stuff and shit.


Videoblogging Week: Day 3

A Walk in the Park

Just a little walk in the park today as I scope out my neighborhood heading to Buena Vista Park. This is #3 for Videoblogging Week 2006.


Videoblogging Week: Day 2

Day 2

Here’s my take for day 2. Ryan and I go see Slither, a pretty funny horror movie. How many rules do we break?


Videoblogging Week: Day 1

Videoblogging Week 2006: Day 1

It’s Videoblogging Week 2006, which means I have to come up with a video each day this week. I’m gonna try. Here’s my first installment, a little late but better than never. Music is Moments of Clarity by Joram from magnatune.com. To see the crazy collection of videos that people are coming up with, be sure to click the videobloggingweek2006 tag below.


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