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Crazy media week for me.

On Thursday night at 7pm PDT this week, I’ll be on this newfangled interactive Internet conference talk show thing called Reinventing Television with media educator freakstein Jonny Goldstein. We did a walk through tonight and it’s pretty cool. Part video conferencing, part party line, part talk show, part movie theater and much spectacle, this Phovi thing looks like a great way to get a bunch of Internet connected freaks in a virtual room together to throw media around. Irina was going to be on with me, but she had to bail due to a sheduling conflict. So it’s all me reprezentin’. Come be a pioneer and toss me some questions.

Last Sunday, Ryan and I did RU Sirius’ Neofiles show. A two parter even! Part one is up now. Violet Blue came in and did RU’s other show right after. Check it too.

And the previous Friday night, I was on Irene McGee’s old school media show on 106.9 Free FM. She has the 12-2 slot to be all Irene, all the time. Truckers and lonely stoners are known to bring the love. Podcasts of the madness are up now too.

NetSquared Vlog

Along with the GETV stuff that’s been keeping me busy, I’m also doing a videoblog for NetSquared, a community that is a product of the good peeps over at CompuMentor and TechSoup. NetSquared’s mission is to turn on nonprofit organizations and world changers to “social web” technologies. Basically web 2.0 for the nonprofit set. I’m shooting and producing three videos a week, short form interview style of interesting people using technology in innovative, save humanity kind of ways. I’m also producing a weekly wrapup podcast for NetSquared that includes the audio from these videos. Check ’em out and let me know if there are any world changers out there that I should interview.

Geek Rules the Podcast

Geek Rules
My two favorite podcasting hotties, Dana and Julia, have been working hard at making their Geek Rules dating podcast the place to make the hookup. They do a weekly show with dating advice, a guest Geek of the Week seeking a date and even real live beautiful women who Seek-a-geek. These ladies could easily start a geek dating biz and rake in the Hamiltons, but no, they do it for the crazy delicious love of getting geeks the hookup. Funny thing, I’m Geek of the Week on episode 8. If you want in on the hookup action too, submit yourself. I’ll report back if it works for me.

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SF History Podcast
The world needs to know that Sparkletack is officially my favorite podcast of the moment. If you live in San Francisco and have wondered about the strange origins of the many things that makes our home quaint, cozy and just weird then listen up. Sparkletack tackles everything you could ever want to know about the origins of SF street names, the Golden Fire Hydrant, the great Emperor Norton, Patty Hearst, the infamous stagecoach robber Black Bart and of course, the Mission Burrito. The cool voice behind Sparkletack very succinctly covers a subject in a gripping storytelling style steeped in mystery and well researched history. Each episode is easy to devour in 20 minutes or less usually and will leave you wondering what will appear on your ipod next week. Give a listen before Sparkletack gets a deal with the History channel or something. It’s that good.


No One’s Listening except you

No One’s Listening podcast show
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The podcast show that Ryan and I are on is up now, in three parts. Renegade and Josh also call in live. Schlomo‘s in their somehere too. This was the Webzine 2005 special of No One’s Listening and it was mad fun, even if YOU are the only one listening.

Almost forgot. I was interviewed a couple weeks ago for this piece and this one on Yep, someone in the UK has some sort of interest in this whole Webzine thing. Now if only both of these sites would allow for comments, things may get a bit more interesting. Oh, and also a Turkish glossy print magazine called Bant, interviewed Ryan and I awhile ago on the history and future of Webzine. We’re big in Instanbul too. Coincendentally, it arrived in my mailbox the morning of this year’s event.

Podcast: Mission Freakshow #1

Mission Freakshow #1OK, so I decided to try and record something with some friends and call it a podcast (that’s what the little headphone dude graphic means). First one ever, comes in at 20 minutes. It’s Stefana, Darcy and I talking about some experiences we had this week. Just kinda freeform stylie. Let me know if you like. Stuff we talk about: Hello!, Fourth of July blurr, Treasure Island, dinner, anarchists & riot cops, flag burning, Darcy’s shirt, muffins, wet dreams, Andrea’s baby, whirrled peas, Utah time, frenulum. Check it: Mission Freakshow #1