No One’s Listening except you

No One’s Listening podcast show
Originally uploaded by ekai.

The podcast show that Ryan and I are on is up now, in three parts. Renegade and Josh also call in live. Schlomo‘s in their somehere too. This was the Webzine 2005 special of No One’s Listening and it was mad fun, even if YOU are the only one listening.

Almost forgot. I was interviewed a couple weeks ago for this Publish.com piece and this one on Journalism.co.uk. Yep, someone in the UK has some sort of interest in this whole Webzine thing. Now if only both of these sites would allow for comments, things may get a bit more interesting. Oh, and also a Turkish glossy print magazine called Bant, interviewed Ryan and I awhile ago on the history and future of Webzine. We’re big in Instanbul too. Coincendentally, it arrived in my mailbox the morning of this year’s event.

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