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What a week! SXSW Interactive in Austin is just what I needed. I hadn’t planned on going until Scott pulled me in, like the good friend he is. It was a Webzine reunion of sorts, with at least a dozen people there who were panelists and speakers at years past. Seeing all these fine folks again has got me thinkng it just might be time for another Webzine in San Francisco. 5 years seems about right.

Some takeaways from SXSW:
– met lots o’ cool brilliant people who I can’t wait to collaborate with in the future
wordpress is the shit, as is its creator
– lots of panels got me hot, but it’s all mush right now
– discovered the awesome culinary power of Las Manitas
– parties, parties, Bruce Sterling, parties, cheap beer, parties and after-parties
– dude, I could have so been on that panel!
– vowing not to pay for admission next year (kinda goes with above)
– discovered the joy of using an RSS reader, where the fuck have I been??
– podcasting – ready to receive, yo!
– running into ex-SF peeps living in Austin who weren’t at SXSW. hi Clay, hi Cathy!
– smooches
Flickr continues to rock ass
– will remember not to forget the data cable for my digital camera next time so I can play in the realtime photo stream
– blogging can be fun, gonna make it a point to do it more often
– human beings are a fun species
– I can’t believe Austin is in Texas
– Flavor Fav was not there, but damn it would have been cool to see him interview Ana Marie Cox about ass fucking. He always knew what time it was.


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