Some Webzine Thoughts


Been thinking a lot about Webzine lately. Some ideas:

-500-1000 people
-2 days over a weekend
-in San Francisco, though East Bay is not out of the question
-July, August or September 2005
-not Labor Day weekened +/- 3 weeks
-increase diversity in race, gender participation
-one room with panels & speakers, so no conflict in choosing which one to attend
-lounge w/comfy couches, tea, coffee, snacks to encourage schmoozing/connecting/networking
-“masters” area where knowledge experts of varying disciplines can casually engage with interested attendees. possibly open signup list.
-encourage participation by all attendees
-host brainstorming session mid-April, let me know if you want in

Oh, and if you just dropped in and have no idea what I’m talking about, we’re getting the band back together. The Webzine band that is. The band that is a conference, party and expo for independent publishing on the Internet. Just as relevant today as it was then.

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