SXSW: Turning Pink to Green

Hot pr0n action in the Turning Pink to Green: The Online Business of Pleasure panel discussion. Halcyon goes from content editor to being content with his new sweetie. Fleshbot John talks about the ins and outs of reviewing interesting porn made real by the digital world. Amelia talks affiliate programs and zinester beginnings. Ethics touched on and laid bare throughout. Click on (if you’re over 18 of course).

Turning Pink into Green

John Halcyon Styn – spread the pink
– gotta get naked after 8 years of online diaries
– I met someone who is as much of an exhibitonist as I am a few months ago
– exhibition is a turn on for us
– experiment prior to the whole knowing being changed

Amelia G
– started with zine explosion
– gotten lots of media from major press
– I didn’t like the internet cause it was killing magazines, but finally gave in
– straight to the people
– gothicsluts was first membership site is second membership site

John d’Addario
– reviews of porn/erotica that is made interesting by the digital world
– i write everything on the site, except now Violet Blue has the keys while i’m away

– ethics: are we lying, stealing? no.
– we don’t want to do something just for money
– i want people to vote with their dollars in unison for more shame free, positive sexuality
– i used to have anti-commerce stance which sank many projects. won’t do that again.
– as we go deeper into porn, we improve our art

– i think ethics is a personal thing – affilliate program
– ethics: I don’t want to bring in people (models) just because they need to make rent

John d:
– fleshbot doesn’t use affiliate links
– ethics: how does affiliate program affect the editorial stance?
– advertising on site creates similar sticky issues
– advertisers sometimes ask for more editorial placement
– dont really like all my advertisers
– sponsor salad toss – google it
– there is a seperation from business side of things, i don’t have to worry about business pressures much

– i hate this sexual shame that we’re raised with
– you can use a different name to explore sexuality than that you use to run for office with

– i just want to lube up and relax society a little bit
– there’s always someone else out there that is into the same thing you are
– i wanto to inflict every story, every picture that my friends have created onto everyone

John d:
– there is stll something very outlaw about porn, both figuratively and legally
– porn is also probably the most honest business
– i believe you shouldn’t have to pay for porn
– i get rabid when i see a photographer’s work get lifted and put on other sites without permission

– we got to be finalists on a sex reality show in Jamaica
– it was more traditional porn that is not sexxy that i don’t like to make
– we didn’t fake any orgasms, didn’t sleep with anyone we didn’t want to sleep with, we didn’t fake anything
– we did this to test our boundaries of morality

John d:
– i have 724 unopened porn DVDs that I’d like to offer up to guest bloggers that may want to guest review on fleshbot. email me.

Q: Any business problems?
A: Halcyon: i have this problem where i can’t get over this hurdle of what the credit card companies want me to do without crossing a boundary that i feel comfortable with.
Amelia: I think I can help you with that

Q: How do i get past the content filters for erotic literature for PhDs?
A: Amelia: don’t link to content from the main page
Halcyon: password protect it but print the password right there

Q: How do you have the freedom from the gawker to do what you want?
A: John d: i have a long leash. sometimes we’ll cross post stuff with defamer that makes sense. i have a good sense of what is good celebrity stuff worthy of writing about. i like the people i work with.

Q: How do you deal with legal issues?
A: Amelia: in my case, my father is an attorney.
John d: I can’t worry about what people in Utah will think, but it does come down to ethics.

Q (Bram Cohen): Porn was quite competetive before the Internet, what’s happened after the advent of the Internet?
A: Amelia: At first, there were a few large players that made a lot of money producing crap. Now, there is so much good stuff out there that most people who put out terrible product will probably not make that much money.

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