Building Bridges

Jet Setters meet GETVers

The past couple of weeks has been quite the blast. After returning from Burning Man, my new videographer friend from Seattle, Ali and I schemed on some video together. The Fighting Kite GETV episode is the result of such schemeing. Ali taught me plenty of new Final Cut power moves for my arsenal. The pen tool! Who knew? You probably did.

This past week I was down in LA with Irina to capture a bunch of interview material for a bunch of upcoming episodes. Thanks to Micki who got us access to the Revver Hollywood style launch party for the new 1.0 version of their service. Revver is a video hosting site much like blip, veoh or ourmedia with the added benefit of revenue sharing for content creators. They tag on a single still frame ad to the end of your video and split revenues with you 50/50 for all clicks. Popular vlogs like Ze Frank and Ask a Ninja use Revver and do pretty well for themselves from what I hear. Blip.tv is planning on offering something very similar soon, though they’re not quite there yet. The idea of giving video content producers a way to make money, even small amounts of money, is a huge incentive for lots of independent creative types.
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Woz is All Wet for a Reason

I got to meet one of my all time heros of the geekosphere over the weekend. While at the Maker Faire, it was pointed out that Woz (Steve Wozniak for the geek newbies) was one of the Segway riders playing polo on Saturday. He’s number 64, as in 8-bit, like the Apple computer he invented in 1976. Funny aside: Number 13 was Victor Miller, the guy who wrote the first Friday the 13th movie. Also a very nice guy. Yes, Jason is all Miller’s fault.

During a break between rounds, Irina and I introduced ourselves to the jolly and amiable Woz. We did a quick GETV interview with him and let him get back to the game at hand. On Sunday, he offered himself up as bait in a dunk tank fundraiser gimmick for the EFF. With the paparazzi furiously snapping away all around him, he smiled and taunted the little kids that repeatedly brought warm rain down upon him. Here’s a shaky video I grabbed of the action.