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RoboVox speaks your mind

RoboVox lives

RoboVox stands proudly in front of the Museumsquartier, greeting visitors to Roboexotica. RoboVox is no ordinary 25 foot retro deco happy robot. If you look closely, you’ll notice those two big black circles on his chest are speakers. If you send an SMS text message to +43 681 10679782, RoboVox will speak your message loudly in his best robo-synthesized voice. RoboVox was conceived by prolific Slovenian artist and all around good guy Martin Bricelj, who is also an artist-in-residence here.

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Metelkova, autonomous art city in Slovenia

While in Ljubljana, Slovenia recently for the HAIP festival, I detoured over to the autonomous artists enclave of Metelkova and snapped some pix. Metelkova began as a squat in 1993, taking over former military buildings of the Yugoslav Army. Now it consists of a handful of buildings that are event venues, gallery spaces and nightclubs. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take in the scene at night, though am quite happy at what I discovered by day. Check it out.