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Simnuke: 60 Years After Trinity

Simnuke VideoI hit the desert with MGL and Ted this weekend for the experience that was Simnuke. Simnuke is the culmination of megatons of hard work by conscious fire artists who created a 1/10,000 scale of the infamous Trinity first nuclear test exactly 60 years ago. The simulation was created by the use of large fans fed with 400 gallons of pressurized biodiesel, going up in less than 30 seconds. Simnuke is meant as a reminder of the horror of nuclear weapons, something that many of us don’t really think about anymore in this post-Cold War world, myself included. Considering that the Bush administration spends more on nukes now than we did on average during the Cold War and that we are minting new would-be terrorists daily with western actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine it is a super important reality to keep in mind. This video is a little something I shot and edited capturing the explosive beauty of what the Simnuke Project was able to illuminate. Length: 01:27 [3MB Quicktime7] [10MB Quicktime MPEG4]