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My RoboGames piece is live on Current TV

Many moons ago, I was commissioned by the fine folks over at Current TV to do a VC2 piece on RoboGames, the annual event for all things related to robot fight competitions. The piece follows the team behind Beer Bash, a “special” kind of robot, as they prepare it for competition at RoboGames. It’s airing all week in heavy rotation I’m told, so lemme know if you see it. It’s also on Current’s site and embedded below.

I’m Rocketboomed and Other Media Madness

Me boomedWow, crazy media week it has been. I woke Monday morning to find myself in a Rocketboom segment (that’s me on the far left rocking the Ask a Ninja shirt). Rocketboom field correspondent and friend Bre Pettis was interviewing a guy at RoboGames who made a steambot and I just happened to be hanging out in the background. Violet and I were there doing our own videos for GETV which you can see here and here. Bre also interviews CTP on his Arca Musarithmica. Along with presenting crazy interactive musical robotic contraptions at RoboGames, CTP also officiated my best friend Jay’s wedding that weekend. It was a busy weekend for sure. Oh yeah, my best friend Jay got married. Big ups to him and Shiho on a happy future.

Then there’s all the craziness around digg. Digg 3.0 was released this week and to create some media buzz, Kevin Rose and the digg team had a launch party last week at a dark and hot (as in heat not as in the shit, though it was kinda nice) bar to show off the new and upcoming features. Irina and I were there doing our GETV thing, getting interviews with Kevin & the Stamen kids who are responsible for the brilliant visualizations you’ll see next month. So of course, our GETV episode gets dugg as does the bonus footage and we put blip.tv, our awesome hosting provider, through the digg test. Twice. They rocked it of course and the result is tons of new people know about GETV. Of course the digg crowd is damn fickle and despite their harsh words for Irina, I know they’ll be back.

Fun times at RoboGames

I spent a good chunk of time at RoboGames this weekend, 3 days of robot competitions ranging from big, heavy nasty combat bots to mini bi-pedal sumo bots. Did some GETV interviews with Violet, including this one I just posted of a maker of a robotic exo-skeletal assist suit. Also, here’s a quick vid I shot of two of the more deadly heavyweight bots, though it becomes apparent fast who has the advantage. Violet has some writeups and more videos.

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