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Metelkova, autonomous art city in Slovenia

While in Ljubljana, Slovenia recently for the HAIP festival, I detoured over to the autonomous artists enclave of Metelkova and snapped some pix. Metelkova began as a squat in 1993, taking over former military buildings of the Yugoslav Army. Now it consists of a handful of buildings that are event venues, gallery spaces and nightclubs. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take in the scene at night, though am quite happy at what I discovered by day. Check it out.

More media from Bocas

Perfect timing for Flickr’s launch of video. I had been grabbing lots of short clips of sea creatures, both above and below the water. Full set here. Photos here.

Recent photos

Pitching Machine has a face
Originally uploaded by ekai.

Finally put my photos up from LA. They’re mostly pre and post show as I was otherwise occupied trying not to get fried in the frenzy.

Also, some pix from Tuesday night’s protest of the Shar-Pei skinned Governator‘s plan to privatize pensions for nurses, firefighters, police and teachers. Not your average San Francisco protest. Lots of middle age nurses, firefighters police and teachers turned out. And Frank Chu of course. Coincidentally, Ah-nawld today chose to drop the privatizing idea, at least for the time being.

Flickr fuck yeah!

Falling Water

Originally uploaded by Urban Tiki.

It’s rare that I come across a site or tool that just sucks me in. Now is one of those rare times. Flickr has the right mix of visual voyeur curiosity and show-and-tell community that it’s got me clocking up the hours. I discovered flickr a year ago when it first launched, but it was a different animal then. You know you’ve come along way when Yahoo and Google buyout rumors spread like wildfire. I’d love to see Flickr buyout Yahoo. Yeah, I think they’re ready.

Oh, why is Flickr so cool you ask? It gives you the tools to upload, archive, organize, annotate and share your pictures with your friends and soon-to-be friends in a way no other site or tool has before. Awesome, easy to use viral features with a social networking core that encourages community and sharing. Also it’s really encouraged me to take my camera with me and snap pix of pretty much every god damn thing. Check out my Flickr and leave some comments!

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