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Pixelodeon in LA this weekend

There’s a really cool event on tap this weekend, June 9th and 10th, in Los Angeles that I’m proud to be a part of. Pixelodeon is a festival of curated screenings of videoblogs and web videos. Ryan Junell and I are curating a block that will be shown at 1pm on Sunday. If you’re in LA, please come down and check it out. The screenings are free, keynotes require tickets which unfortunately are sold out. Come for the screenings which anyone can come to. Check the complete schedule for something you might like.

Pixelodeon knuckles

Police overreact in LA on May Day

This is just way fucked up. At the May Day immigrant rally in Los Angeles, the LAPD completely went overboard using batons and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters. This video put together by GameJew captures the rawness and realness of the situation in away that mainstream media generally can’t.

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