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Camping with Mooses

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Vancouver is a rad, beautiful town. The mountains beckon, but only from a distance this time. Moose Camp is day 1 of the great white north blogger geek-o-thon. Did some GETV interviews with the talented Sarah Pullman guest corresponding. This shot is Sarah interviewing Chris Pirillo and Ponzi of Gnomedex fame. Scott Beale always quick on the 5D.

A few self-promotional bits today: Le Monde 2 has an interview with Ryan and I about Webzine and the future of the Internet or whatever, like we know anything. No online version. If you’re in France, please pick up a copy for us. Also, Webzine 2005 named dropped in Annalee’s Techsploitation this week. Lastly, Xeni’s BoingBoing piece on Marc’s Dorkbot food hacking presentation features my grinning mug. It was that tasty!

Vancouver bound

Northern Voice 2006

I’m heading up to Vancouver for the Northern Voice blog conference this weekend. It’s web geeky-a-riffic, but with a funny accent, eh. I’ll be getting some GETV interviews and doing some vlogging for Netsquared. I’ve never been to Vancouver though it’s been on my short list for years. If you’re around, find me and say hi. And tell me what to check out.

BrainJams DC

Hey my DC peeps. This is a bit last minute, but if you’ve got the day free tomorrow you should check out the BrainJams collaboration geek pow-wow event happening Monday. It’s the brainchild of Chris Huere and Kristie Wells who have done two such event here in the SF Bay area. If you’ve got a project you need some geek help with or you’ve got mad geek skillz and are looking to help out on someone’s cool project, BrainJams DC is the place to make that a reality. It takes place at the DC Improv in downtown DC from 10am-5pm. If you can’t make the daytime shindig, catch up with the Jammers during happy hour at the Lucky Bar. Tell ’em I sent you.

Your cell phone info is for sale

There’s a company called locatecell.com that for $110 will sell you the calling records of any cell phone number in the US. There’s no way this can be legal. There’s serious fraud through social engineering or “pretexting” going on, whatever that is. This Chicago Sun-Times article has the scoop.

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Coming in at #6…

*blush* I’m so honored to make Violet’s Top 10 Sexiest Geeks of 2005 list. Now if only I can parlay that love into dates in 2006, I’ll be all set. And Violet, it’s only awkward because I didn’t have an acceptance speech ready. Thanks for the props. Nod to BoingBoing for the amplification.

Flickr fuck yeah!

Falling Water

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It’s rare that I come across a site or tool that just sucks me in. Now is one of those rare times. Flickr has the right mix of visual voyeur curiosity and show-and-tell community that it’s got me clocking up the hours. I discovered flickr a year ago when it first launched, but it was a different animal then. You know you’ve come along way when Yahoo and Google buyout rumors spread like wildfire. I’d love to see Flickr buyout Yahoo. Yeah, I think they’re ready.

Oh, why is Flickr so cool you ask? It gives you the tools to upload, archive, organize, annotate and share your pictures with your friends and soon-to-be friends in a way no other site or tool has before. Awesome, easy to use viral features with a social networking core that encourages community and sharing. Also it’s really encouraged me to take my camera with me and snap pix of pretty much every god damn thing. Check out my Flickr and leave some comments!

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