Camping with Mooses

Originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

Vancouver is a rad, beautiful town. The mountains beckon, but only from a distance this time. Moose Camp is day 1 of the great white north blogger geek-o-thon. Did some GETV interviews with the talented Sarah Pullman guest corresponding. This shot is Sarah interviewing Chris Pirillo and Ponzi of Gnomedex fame. Scott Beale always quick on the 5D.

A few self-promotional bits today: Le Monde 2 has an interview with Ryan and I about Webzine and the future of the Internet or whatever, like we know anything. No online version. If you’re in France, please pick up a copy for us. Also, Webzine 2005 named dropped in Annalee’s Techsploitation this week. Lastly, Xeni’s BoingBoing piece on Marc’s Dorkbot food hacking presentation features my grinning mug. It was that tasty!

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