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The DEFCON Documentary

DEFCON: The Documentary, the film I helped shoot last year for intrepid nerd documentarian Jason Scott, is complete and ready for viewing. This doc chronicles the history of the world’s largest computer hacking conference, on its 20th anniversary as it took place in Las Vegas.  There is so much packed into this.  Even if you’ve never been to or heard of DEFCON, you’ll find this film to be quite accessible. Hundreds of hours of footage went into the making of this as did thousands of hours of Jason’s time directing and editing the thing. I’m quite proud of the results and am honored to have taken part in its creation.

You can watch the whole thing below, or grab the legal 720p torrent and download it.  It’s also on YouTube.  You can also find it on the Internet Archive, complete with subtitles.

DEFCON: The Documentary from Jason Scott on Vimeo.


DEFCON Documentary Overview

Venture Beat ran this nice piece on the DEFCON 20 Documentary that I helped shoot for Jason Scott back in July of this year. He’s editing it like a madman now with an expected release date before Christmas. I’ve seen some of the rough clips, I know it’s going to be quite the visual feast with tons of in-depth interviews. If you’re into hacking culture in the slightest, this will be a must see. Here’s the teaser trailer.


The Wonderful World of Chiptunes

I’m glad I popped by Mighty the other night for the MICROMUSICSF chiptunes party. Seriously, what a treat for the ears of this 80’s video game geek! Chiptune is music created from sound chips found in vintage video game consoles (Nintendo NES, Gameboy), computers (Atari 400/800, C64) and consumer electronics. Chiptune artists modify these devices to create their own music synthesized from these chips. A sampling of these artists who played the party are TRASH80, NULLSLEEP and STARPAUSE. Micromusic.net is also a great resource for chiptune music, videos and events.

There’s a full length documentary on the chiptunes scene called BLIP FESTIVAL: REFORMAT THE PLANET, it’s premering at SXSW this year. You know where I’ll be. Here’s the trailer:

BLIP FESTIVAL: REFORMAT THE PLANET trailer from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.


Lunch Inside the 12 Galaxies

I came cross this great little documentary of San Francisco’s favorite notable icon, Frank Chu. Frank was born in 1960, his father is 98 and is still alive, his mom was murdered by the CIA and 12 Galaxies or maybe there was some natural causes. He’s been in and out of jail, the Oakland cops almost murdered him a few times. He starts his routine at 8am downtown everyday and likes to break for lunch at Jack in the Box.