Video from GETV Turns 1000

The GETV turns 1000 party the other night was beyond control. Familiar faces filled the bubble along with a cadre of the newly minted internet famous. The Chuck Barris of Flash, producer Rick Abruzzo brought to life a round of not your father’s Jeopardy and two rounds of $25 Pyramid Scheme. Nina Rawkstah, Irene McGee and master of the House of Shields, Schlomo Rabinowitz faces off in Jeopardy. Schlomo took it home by knowing his moo milk from his man milk. Round one of the Pyramid had Eric Rice and our own Irina Slutsky representing for Team Egomaniac going up against David Sifry and Caterina Fake of Team Tagtastic. Round two had Ted Rheingold and Jason Schupp teamed up as the Filthy Pirates pitted against whom, I completely forgot. That ended in a draw, so no Cancun for these warriors. See for yourself. WARNING: Caterina is too cute prying open Goat.cx.

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