Google Voice transcribes the FedEx guy

I have my front door callbox forward to a Google Voice virtual phone number. It creates transcripts of voicemail messages people leave. You might never guess this is from the FedEx guy.

hi good morning this is robin right now i’m part of the for calling me matt andy for darryl i gave him a call there it looks like it tomorrow thank you bye bye bye baby bye

Want to give it a try? Just click below, punch in your number and Google Voice will call you and make a connection to my voicemail inbox after 5 rings. Go ahead, give it a shot. I’ll post the most ridiculous translations.

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  • I had a Twitter friend, who's Pakistani, call my number to test it when I finally received the invite. When I read the text translation- my first thought was-WTF is Google doing? Forcing us to decode? The message had phrases such as,'meet Marcia in the lobby, lunch for fun–” you get the idea. But the audio, thankfully, was much better. I have a Southern accent. Imagine the possibilities of translations.


  • rfreeman77

    Well, it's free and will do many useful things besides transcribe voice. I use it to send myself email notes and reminders with my cell phone and if the transcriptions are quite droll you have the actual audio embedded in the email so you just click on it to listen. One of the really nice things google voice does is give you a phone number you can give out without fear because it's so easy to filter out spam and other obnoxious callers.

  • i heard first time Google voice

  • i heard first time Google voice

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