Woz is All Wet for a Reason

I got to meet one of my all time heros of the geekosphere over the weekend. While at the Maker Faire, it was pointed out that Woz (Steve Wozniak for the geek newbies) was one of the Segway riders playing polo on Saturday. He’s number 64, as in 8-bit, like the Apple computer he invented in 1976. Funny aside: Number 13 was Victor Miller, the guy who wrote the first Friday the 13th movie. Also a very nice guy. Yes, Jason is all Miller’s fault.

During a break between rounds, Irina and I introduced ourselves to the jolly and amiable Woz. We did a quick GETV interview with him and let him get back to the game at hand. On Sunday, he offered himself up as bait in a dunk tank fundraiser gimmick for the EFF. With the paparazzi furiously snapping away all around him, he smiled and taunted the little kids that repeatedly brought warm rain down upon him. Here’s a shaky video I grabbed of the action.