Straight outta Xobni

This very untypical recruitment video I did for Xobni is finally live. Xobni is a Y Combinator startup focused on making email more useful. Matt Brezina at Xobni wrote the script and came up with the scenarios. I shot and edited the piece. I’m paid by StandoutJobs, a startup out of Montreal, that’s focused on making recruitment more relevant. Here’s Valleywag’s take.

MyBlogLog Recruitment Video

I’ve been doing some freelance video work for a new recruiting startup out of Montreal called This is a pretty cool concept for both potential employees and employers. It gives employers another avenue to hire skilled people and it gives potential employees a way to get a sense what a company and future coworkers are like before even applying for the job. Here’s the first video I did for MyBlogLog, a startup of 7 people recently aquired by Yahoo! They are looking for engineers. Lots of them.