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Later, Electoral College

Abolish the Electoral College. It’s time your antiquated ass subsides into history. This is a petition. You really should sign it.

Launching Softly

The activist resource social network known as Indyvoter.org has achieved flaccid soft launch. Hard launch is expected soon. Just a few more long intimate nights of coding by the dev team. Check it out. Create an account, explore people, communities, events, and voter guides. Gimme feedback. Seriously, we need it. And yeah, we know it’s slow. Do you know how to optimize a MySQL RDF object store? Yeah? We NEED you, and you don’t know it yet but you need US. And you’ll soon be eating Zante’s for free for as long as you like. If you’ve got the skillz, we gotta connect!

Vote Fucker!

I think this sums up my sentiments exactly. Fuck apathy! It’s time to reprezent! We can’t afford NOT to care anymore. Buy the shirt, spread the meme.

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