Star Simpson Interview on BBtv

After a year of legal wrangling, 19-year old Star Simpson finally tells her story to BoingBoingTV. Star was the MIT student who was arrested at Boston’s Logan airport last year for wearing LED art on a hoodie when she went to go pick her friend Tim up. She was immediately surrounded by 40 cops, shackled and charged with “possessing a hoax device.” When it became apparent to Boston’s overreactive authorities that Star was not a threat and the media frenzy was in overdrive, they persisted in charging her with a crime. A year later, the case is settled and Star gives her first interview recounting the events.

I shot the video from Star’s perspective, so I got a chance to meet her and understand her a bit. She’s a super sweet, curious and creative college student, the complete opposite of what Boston’s authorities made her out to be. Boston has a history of overreacting to things they don’t understand, which is quite unfortunate. The climate of fear that many of us live under, leads to this kind of egregious reaction. At the end of the day, Star simply wants to build cool stuff that we can all appreciate.


Best Press Conference Ever

After the ridiculous overreaction by the Boston authorities over the Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED lightboard graffiti campaign, the two guys behind the Boston pieces held this most awesome press conference.

In this whole debacle, the media keeps calling these LED ads “hoax devices” which is complete bullshit. This implies that the creators intended to make people think they were bombs to cause fear and hysteria. Listen up Boston! It’s a friggin’ ad campaign! The fear and hysteria came from your overreaction to this whole thing, not Turner Broadcasting or the guys who made the harmless lightboards. 9 other cities didn’t freak out, why did Boston? Btw, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a damn funny show.