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Hiring MakerBot Online Video Superstar

I’m spending the next 6 weeks in Brooklyn helping to launch a new video series for MakerBot Industries, makers of your friendly, low cost, desktop 3d printer. We’re looking to a hire a kick ass Online Video Superstar to be the face of this new series and to ultimately take over the daily production aspects of the show. If your passionate about robots, video production and DIY culture, this might just be your dream job. Please apply as we’re looking to hire for this position immediately.

8-bit Nirvana

I’m really bummed to have missed the Blip Festival again this year. I first heard about it at SXSW last year when I saw a screening of Reformat the Plant, a documentary on the chiptunes scene and the first Blip Festival. As an 8-bit video game and computer junkie, this was what I’ve been waiting for. BBtv was there this year.

Corporate Media Hypnosis

I took this outside of Fox News during the Shut-up-athon last week, a creative way to give Fox News back a little of what it dishes out. Whille this was happening, the Outfoxed documentary bus drove around the block several times while blasting clips of O’Reilly yelling shut up to his guests. The Dubya PantsOnFire-mobile was cruising back and forth at the same time. Good times indeed.

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