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Multi-touch to the future

Last night, I stopped by Obscura Digital‘s holiday party where they were demoing some of their cool projection toys. Just inside the entrance was a life size “3-D” reflective glass video projection, similar to what you might see in Williams’ Pinball 2000 series of hybrid video pinball machines (Revenge from Mars), but writ large. Apparently this is an old technique, though still pretty cool to see on such a large scale. Next to that was a geodesic dome used as a projection screen inside. A projector was positioned on the floor in the center with a fisheye lens facing straight up. Kicking back in a lounge chair, the effect is like being in an IMAX planetarium.

Another thing that caught my eye was a cool interactive multi-touch screen. Here’s Jay giving it a whirl, checking out some of Obscura’s previous projects.

Jay interacts with the touchscreen from ekai on Vimeo.

Obscura has also done some amazing large scale projection projects on the sides of cities. Bright, multiple building projections in New York City and Dubai. The videos on their site will keep you entertained for awhile.