Have Money Will Vlog

Have Money Will Vlog

HMWV is a really, really cool project that some of my friends are involved in. It’s a grassroots way for creative vloggers or would-be vloggers to raise money and execute a project they’ve been itching to do. It’s a way to pay for the resources to get the video done by allowing community members (anyone who comes to the site and takes an interest) to buy into the project. A fundraising goal is set and a time period to raise that money is set (usually 30 days). If the goal is reached in time, then the project takes off. So far, HMWV has funded two projects and is on the cusp of funding a third.

This third project is called The Sustainable Route and is the brainchild of Ashley Hodson. Ashley wants to drive around the country and find out from regular people how they are engaging in sustainable practices. This really is awesome because there are a lot of people out there living sustainably in ways that most people have never heard of, much less engaged in.

The questions Ashley asks are “There is a lot to chew on these days when it comes to making simple decisions. Where is our food coming from, how do we get electricity, what is the impact of our lifestyles on the world around us? What are average people, like our selves, doing in their communities to define and work towards ’sustainability’? If you are interested in helping Ashley discover how people are answering these questions for themselves then please donate. She’s 87% of the way to the $2000 goal. I just threw down a Jackson and so should you.

If you have a project you want to get funded, check the HMWV guidelines for more info. This really is the power of the people (on the Internet) to make good shit happen. A little bit from many adds up to a lot.

UPDATE: The Sustainable Route has reached their fundraising goal and will be on the road soon.