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Coworking at the Hat Factory

The guys behind the Life Hacking documentary stopped by and interviewed me about coworking at the Hat Factory. Me in my natural habitat.

How to Cure a Hangover

Ah yes, the age old question. It’s answered in this video that I was hired to shoot and edit with my pal Veronica for her new videoblog called Mahalo Daily. The show is a Mahalo production, the people powered search startup founded by Jason Calacanis that aims to give Google a bit of competition. This was a fun one and for those who’ve been to the Hat Factory, you’ll recognize the set. Be sure to stay through the end for the fun tasty outtake.

Irene McGee chats up Jimmy Wales at the Hatfactory

My insanely energetic friend Irene McGee shot a pilot episode of Microsoft’s On10 show at my place some weeks back. She brought her pal Jimmy Wales over to talk about Stephen Colbert, Wikipedia, video gaming and Wikia. What you won’t see is Irene kicking Jimmy’s ass in boxing on the Wii. For some reason, Microsoft didn’t seem to want the Wii mentioned in the piece. Hmm, I wonder why?

On10: Irene McGee w/Jimmy Wales

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