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Presented GETV @ the Apple Store

Eddie @ Meet the VloggersLast Friday, I was one of a handful of videobloggers who presented at a Meet the Vloggers session at the Apple Store in SF organized by Josh Wolf. It went amazingly well, surprisingly. Public speaking isn’t really my bag but I’m finding it’s not hard to talk about GETV. Plus, showing a 5 minute video means I really don’t have to say much. Fellow videoblogger Jason Buckley, the genius behind Washington Interns Gone Bad, put together a highlight video of the session.

SLOMO Video Premiere


My good pal Ryan‘s SLOMO Video project is finally done and ready for the big public hairy eye. He’s put together 100 one-minute slow-motion videos by 85 artists. 64 of the 100 videos are Creative Commons licensed including my submission. This Saturday night in Oaktown. Check it!

Saturday, May 20, 2006 // $5 // FREE BEER // B.Y.O.Robutissin
Lobot Gallery, 1800 Campbell Street, Oakland, California
Doors at 8pm // Screening at 9pm // Slowdance Party til Late!!!
Sizzurupy slowjAmz by OonceOonce (tigerbeat) and DJ Ray Liotta (sneakmove)

SLOMO Video is a unique compilation of 100 one minute slow motion videos by 85 video artists and filmmakers from the bay area and beyond. This festival will stretch you through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic visual and audio beauty. See what your mind usually misses!

featuring notable slowness from artists such as:
LoVid // Matmos // Bec Stupak // Mudboy // Pea Hicks
Scott Arford // Lew Baldwin // Wiley Wiggins // Yoshi Sodeoka
Keith Fullerton Whitman // and many dozens more!

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