Vote for my question on ATT’s spying please!

With my friends Susie, Kim, Ori and Dan, I shot this video question for our presidential hopefuls that have agreed to answer video questions from the unwashed masses of the Internet. We went to the ATT office in San Francisco (611 Folsom Street) where the well documented “secret” room controlled by NSA is located. All of ATT’s internet traffic (ie your email, web surfing habits, etc) goes through a fiber optic splitter where the NSA has equipment that presumably fishes for whatever they like to fish for.

Our video was submitted to 10 Questions, a site that allows you to vote for the top 10 questions that will be submitted to the candidates. We are currently in fifth place, so please vote for us. The leading questions on net neutrality, religion, and medical marijuana are great as well so I can’t say don’t vote for them. You don’t have to register or anything to vote on the videos, so please take a few minutes to watch and vote on a few videos. The deadline is November 14th, then the top 10 questions go to the candidates whose answers will also be posted. Pretty cool idea.