Video Salon Redux kicks off Thursday

I’m putting together a new monthly event in San Francisco focused on video creators. Co-produced with Michael O’Rourke of Dimension 7, the first one happens this Thursday. I know kind of last minute, but this only the first. The model for this is Dorkbot (thanks karen!) where there are a few presentations and then an open time for anyone to announce or show something followed by mingling, schmoozing and drinking. The idea is to create a space where video creators of all walks of life can present their latest works and absorb what others are doing. The full deets are here on Upcoming. Hope you can make it.

Dorkbot, yummy stylie

Serving up desserts to 100+
Originally uploaded by ekai.

Another great Dorkbot at RX Gallery last night. Marc Powell, hacker chef and hacker hostel hotelier extraordinaire, showed us the science behind making taste buds dance. He followed up with an awesome dessert made from liquid nitrogen and purple gloves. That’s mad skillz. Pix I took.

Marc was followed by Jennifer Granick, a Stanford Internet lawyer, who described how Bush’s overstepping of authority on wiretapping is an unprecedented erosion of our democratic system. No surprise there. The comparison of democratic principles to Star Wars was amusing.