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Bladerunner in Your Browser

The latest lob in the browser war happened yesterday with Mozilla releasing Firefox 4. It’s a big speed improvement, has a streamlined slick new interace and doesn’t seem nearly as bloated as previous versions. Best thing of all, it’s full of HTML5 goodness that makes it easy to develop rich, interactive sites.

The coolest demo I’ve seen in Firefox 4 by far is Flight of the Navigator, which quite literally looks like Bladerunner rendered in 3D in your browser in real-time. Yes, real hardware accelerated 3D rendering with simple HTML code. It’s like VRML but without the plugins and 1000x the processing power. Cool things to look out for in this demo are photos pulled in from Flickr, tweets pulled into scrolling text bars and YouTube videos mapped to virtual TV screens. Like I said, Bladerunner! It just needs more androids.

Flight Of The Navigator

Flight Of The Navigator

Merry 1982 Christmas

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