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I went to Comic-Con and all I got were these videos

Matthew Fox

Pals and Webzine alums Annalee Newitz and Charlie Jane Anders asked me to come to Comic-Con this year and shoot video for io9, the Gawker sci-fi blog they edit. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Turns out it was a lot of bouncing around from panels to halls to press roundtables to celeb filled red carpets. Lots of A, B and Z list celebrities in need of pimping their latest action packed movies and TV shows. Yeah, not a bad alternative to sleep for a few days.

Here’s links to the video coverage I did for io9. I’ll add more as they publish.

Matthew Fox: Jack from Lost

J.J. Abrams: Creator of Lost & Alias, Producer of Cloverfield

Matt Dallas: Kyle XY

Jamie Chung: Samurai Girl & Chi Chi in Dragonball

Dave Filoni: Director of Clone Wars

Billy Crudup: Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen [panel]

Patrick Wilson: Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl in Watchmen [panel]