Just got a Push Poll

I just got an automated ‘survey’ call from an outfit identifying themselves as FEC Research. It was a computerized voice response call asking leading questions regarding Propositions 73 and 75 here in California. This guy from Santa Barbara got the exact same call. As did this fellow San Franciscan. One more. Push polls are not really polls at all but are the product of someone paying to try and convince me how evil or great a candidate or ballot initiative is. The language they use to describe the ballot question is biased and leading. Under the guise of a poll, I am asked my opinion when really it’s about influencing my understanding of ballot question to sway my vote.

The number on my caller ID is 571-522-1180 which points to an outfit in Northern Virginia called ccAdvertising. According to a little investigative work done by DailyKos, they are hired by mostly right wing campaigns to spread their deception. Surprise! Suprise!

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