It’s grows and grows

Webzine 2005Man, what a week. Lots o’ late nights burning the Webzine oil. Ryan and I tag teamed on getting the new site up. The design is beaut, that’s Matt’s doing. Love the Xmas web theme. The shedule is mostly locked down. We’ve got panels out the ass both days and a titload of workshops to boot. I’m producing the Podcasting and Kicking’s the Man’s Ass panels. BoingBoing, Metblogs and MAKE have all hooked us up some serious ad eyeball exposure, much do to Scott’s invaluable help. Just less than a month to go and things are looking pretty damn good right now. With a planning list of 30+ people, the inspiration and motivation just grows. Things to do: work out venue space layout, lock in fat outgoing bandwidth, get a wiki going to organize the Master’s Lounge, work out food, get insurance, push #webzine on, inventory our hardware/tech needs, outreach to non-techies to attend & learn, get more sponsors, and somehow find time to pack for the playa.

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