Webzine 2005 is on!

Webzine 2005

It’s offficial. Webzine 2005 is back! After four years, I’ve become reinspired. It was clinched at SXSW this year after running into about a dozen Webzine alumni telling me about how their lives found new purpose after Webzine. New love, new fortunes, new reasons to live all thanks to Webzine. Michael Moore ranted to a room of 50 zinesters in 2001 and now look at him!? OK, so maybe that’s going a bit far, though there’s generally no doubt that previous years’ events left people really happy that the web wasn’t simply a shopping mall.

This year, Webzine will happen over a weekend, September 24 and 25 at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. 2 days of inspiring panelists, creative workshops and shmoozy opportunities will guarantee that everyone will walk away armed to answer their personal call to action. Webzine is a collaborative effort between interested independent publishers, activisits, artists and slackers with too much time. If this describes YOU, help us out dammit!

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