Damn that was hot!

Eddie & Courtney
Originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

I’m back from LA and finally getting a few moments to compose my thoughts about the experience that was the SRL show in LA 2005. What an amazing fucking time! For serious. Spending endless hours with old friends and new to create one of the most intense experiences in my life is umm, well, a good way to spend a few days. From the early morning rise n shine of Kimric as alarm clark testing the Boeing jet engine to the intense heat of the trojan horse as it combusted a couple feet away from me, I most definitely felt the love. I operated the Air Launcher with fellow SRL’r Courtney sending numerous rounds of Asian drink cans filled with sand and paint into the trojan horse, sneaky soldiers and whatever else happened to cross our path. I can happily report that many sneaky soldiers showed signs of air launcher penetration due to our diligence at the controls, or more likely just shear luck.

There were many people about armed with camera and video and the love is just starting to pour in. I like this short video montage that Naked Dancing Gnomes put together. Laughing Squid Scott Beale’s got tons of awesome hi quality pix of before, during and after the show. Fellow SRL’r Violet Blue has some thoughts as does rockstar science fiction author and SRL fanboy Bruce Sterling who knows not to lick the unexploded air launcher round he picked up. More stories and links later as I find the good shit.

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