New Year’s Hello

Happy New Year fans of the Eddie! I had an awesome New Year’s week, I was in beautiful Kauai. It was a bit rainy but hella beautiful. I went with my dear friend Audra who knows Hawaii like mice know cheese. We camped out for 4 days on various beaches, tried to hike the Kalalau trail (hella muddy and wet), explored waterfalls, Waimea Canyon and did some diving. We got to play with turtles. Very friendly creatures those leatherbacks! Pix later when I get less lazy.

Btw, read this book. It’s spot on. Amazing that Kansas could be a populist hotbed 100 years ago, but it was. Now it’s a conservative bellweather, home to tons o’ churches and Wal-Marts. Thomas Frank is an amazing eloquent author, also wrote One Market Under God.

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