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Eddie.com is a live video streaming consultancy based in San Francisco, founded by Eddie Codel. We help clients flawlessly broadcast live events to the Internet. We run the gamut of productions from small-scale, single camera events to complex, multi-camera, live switched, large scale productions. The types of events we are experienced at broadcasting include product launches, press announcements, technology conferences, game competitions, keynote speeches, panels, global hackathons and music concerts.

We utilize state of the art high definition live switching, encoding and broadcast systems in our production workflow. This includes Newtek TriCaster, Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio, Livestream Studio and Telestream Wirecast. We are experienced at broadcasting to major live stream distribution networks such as YouTube Live, Ustream, Livestream, Justin TV, Akamai, Brightcove and Edgecast.

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Have a look at some of our previous work. If you need a quote for production or consulting services, please drop Eddie a line! We do great work.

Recent Live Stream Productions

- TEDxBerkeley 2013, Berkeley, CA. [04/20/13] TEDxBerkeley is gathering world-leading thinkers, makers, and doers at UC Berkeley to “Rethink. Redefine. Recreate.” // stream archive //

The Deconstruction
- The Deconstruction, San Francisco, CA. [02/22-24/13] 48 hour large scale collaboration with 60 teams across 6 continents. //stream archive//

Oslo Freedom Forum
- San Francisco Freedom Forum, San Francisco, CA. [09/28/12] //stream archive//

MakerBot Industries
- MakerBot Replicator 2 Press Event, Brooklyn, NY [09/19/12] //stream archive//

Red Bull
- Red Bull Creation, San Francisco, CA [July, 2012] //stream archive//
Red Bull Creation was a 72-hour maker challenge with 12 teams from different US cities competing to build a “game of games”. 14 live stream channels broadcasting non-stop over 72 hours.

YouTube Live
- Lucky Magazine FABB West, Santa Monica, CA [04/30/12]

- Head of Production Services [November 2009 - September 2010]
Operated the Production Services division at Ustream, producing large scale live streaming events for many of Ustream’s notable media, film, music, gaming, sports and corporate clients.

- West Coast Championship Controller Battle [6/25/11]
- Eric Ries’ Startup Lessons Learned Conference [5/23/11]
- AxiCom: Alienware Product Announcement [4/19/11]
- Youth Rock the Rebuild [12/12/10]

- SXSW 2011 Music Showcase [3/16-19/11]

- Digital Town Hall of the Americans with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [4/17/09]

Dealmaker Media
- Under the Radar: Cloud Computing [4/24/09]
- Startonomics 2008, San Francisco [10/02/08]

Episodic Web Series Production

Geek Entertainment TV [cofounder, producer, shooter, editor]
- Produced over 200 episodes from 2005 to 2010

PodTech: LunchMeet [producer, host, shooter, editor]
- Produced 84 episodes in 2007

Boing Boing Video [shooter]
- “Tank Tour” – One of World’s Largest Collections of Historic Military Technology
- Boiler Bar: Oilpunk Creations + Sexy Burlesque Gyrations
- Dance Dance Immolation
- Roboexotica – Booze and ‘Bots
- Cyberpipe’s Mecca of Vintage Computers
- Boing Boing tv Best of 2008: TCHOcolate Magical Mystery Tour Trilogy
- Star Simpson’s first interview on the Boston airport LED sweatshirt scare
- Star Simpson’s fuzzy logic, MacGyver, MIT lasers, and trippy glasses: Maker Faire with Phil Torrone
- WWII Boatpunk: Aboard the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, with Todd Lappin
- Multi-millenial Mechanical clocks – Long Now “Mechanicrawl” pt. 1

Netsquared Vlog [producer, host, shooter, editor]
- Produced over 30 interview segments over 1 year

Client Video Production

Loot Drop [shoot, edit]
- Kickstarter video for a new “old-school” RPG from video game legends Brenda Brathwaite, Tom Hall and John Romero. [October, 2012]

SAY Media [produce, shoot, edit]
- Tailgating the Playoffs: Series of 6 short videos capturing the zeitgeist of tailgating culture from 3 NFL football playoff games in different cities. [January, 2011]

digg.com [shoot, edit]
- Safe for Work
- Digg at the Democratic & Republican National Conventions
- Digg Dialogg: Nancy Pelosi
- Digg Meetup Chicago
- Digg Meetup New York
- Digg Meetup San Francisco
- Digg Townhall Webcasts
- Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart

Revision3 [shoot, edit]
- Scam School
- PixelPerfect, Episodes 82, 83, 84, 85, 86
- Wine Library Reserve

Facebook [shoot]
- f8 Facebook Developer Conference [7/23/08]

Xobni [shoot, edit]
- Xobni recruitment video

Elektrische Reporter (German TV) [shoot]
- Mobile Communities: Unterwegs und unter Freunden
- Nerds: Weltretter mit Hornbrillen? (Doc Pop)
- Vorschlagsysteme: Mit den besten Empfehlungen

San Francisco Chronicle [shoot, edit]
- Phil Bronstein interviews actor Sam Rockwell [SF Gate]

Nokia [shoot, edit]
- Interview with director Spike Lee

Current TV [produced, shoot, edit]
- RoboGames VC2 piece

io9.com [shoot, edit]
- Comic-Con 2008 video coverage