A few questions for Spike Lee

I'm taller than Spike Lee

Here’s an excerpt with my sit down interview with Spike Lee yesterday. Myself and a handful of other bloggers & vloggers got 20 minutes with Spike to ask him about the influence of the Internet, social networks, mobile devices and cheap tools on film making. Oh, and also his view on UFOs!! This is part of the Nokia Productions film project.

A few questions with Spike Lee from ekai on Vimeo.

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  • That was um…. awkward.
    I think this Spike quote sums up this interview: “I'm a dinosaur”

  • Nick

    Carlton is a star!

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  • I like the framing of the “Evacuation” and “Exit” signs in the background. Did you give him that earring?

    Seriously, the video of Spike Lee is great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice Job Eddie!! from what I saw and heard It wasn't easy getting Mr. Spike Lee to open up, and talk in greater detail about your subject matter. You handled him well.

  • suzanne

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