What would you ask Spike Lee?

Spike Lee Nokia film screengrab

This user submitted cell phone film project that I’ve been helping out with for Nokia and that Spike Lee is directing is set to premiere in LA next week. I’ve haven’t seen the finished piece or have any idea how long the thing is, but I’m sure with Spike’s hand, it’ll be interesting to say the least. Nokia is doing it up big time and giving myself and the four other assistant directors 30 minutes sit down time with Spike. That’s pretty damn dope and I do have some of my own questions for ol’ Spike. What I think would be more interesting though is if you give me some questions to ask. Yes YOU, unwashed Internet masses. Now’s your chance. Anything at all. Ask him about his email habits. What are the challenges working with a million random people with cell phones? Does he like pumpkin pie? Would he ever collaborate with Clint Eastwood on a movie? Is he planning on doing an epic film on Obama? Coffee or tea? Leave your question in the comments. The whole Q&A will be live streamed and archived I’m told. Will post those deets when I know ’em.

Also, congrats to five lucky people who contributed death scenes for the film. Miss Bekah Havens for her Spaghetti Western piece, Heather Schlegel for her takes Of Mice and Men and Rebel Without a Cause, Eric Liu for his stop motion Lego version of Jurassic Park, Andrew Bennett for his Quick and the Dead inspired submission and Carlton Brightly for his interpretation of the Blair Witch Project. You’ll be going to LA and chillaxing with us and Spike.

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  • Mel C.

    Do you watch C-SPAN?

  • This looks really cool Eddie. As a representative of the unwashed Internet masses I'd like to know how his vision of his career changed overtime. Did he always edit film? Or digital? In his wildest dreams when he thought someday if I make it I am going to do (fill in blank) to get people jammed to create content and help them get involved in creating content…. what was his blank? I mean phones only made phone calls back then, and they were plugged into walls, and if you were lucky they had call waiting… a phone did not take movies that's for sure… haha

  • Karynn

    I would ask Spike: How can you still be a knicks fan?

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  • mmmleisa

    How does he feel now about his documentary ' When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts' and does he have any plans to return to New Orleans for followup? What would a cell phone film of the event look like?

  • Enric

    My question to Spike is: Is the internet changing how your films get promoted and distributed? If so how? And where do you see this going in the future?

  • cmalone

    I was looking at school days and I was wondering what is that brothers name that sang you can only be you, and iI can only be me?

  • my 9897907 call me

  • Islay Dilbert Streeter

    How do I get you to read a story for possibly a book or movie?

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